I see faces illustration of a cheese grater with a face by Bored Games

I see faces

A seek and draw or photograph game

1+ players
Pen and paper
Eagle eyes

Aim of the game

Spot the most faces around your home (and garden if you have one)

Have you ever looked up in the sky and seen a face in the clouds? Have you ever walked through the woods and noticed a grinning face on a tree? You can even see things in your house if look hard enough!

game preparation

Faces, faces everywhere. The more you look, the more you see
Take a look around you. In the Kitchen, the Bathroom, your Bedroom… What can you see? Any faces yet? Take a closer look….

Wow! The light switch has two eyes and a nose! The tin opener, two arms, a head and face! That storage box, two eyes and a big grin.

how to play

Go on a face hunt
Go in each room and in the garden if you have one. See how many faces you can find.
Capture the faces
Ask if you can use a camera or borrow someone's phone. If you don't have one try drawing what you see.
How are they feeling?
What do the faces look like? What kinds of expressions do they have? Are they happy or sad, angry or crazy?
Name your face friends
See if you can come up with a funny names for each one.
Share your faces
Share the photos and drawings of your new friends in the Family Games Challenge Facebook Group. Don't forget to include their names. The best ones get added to this page!
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