By the McConnochie family
But mostly by Archer Age 6
Creature Adventure homemade creepy monster game
A home made Minecraft inspired board game with board, cards, rules and Minecraft counters.
How we made our game
My Minecraft addict 6 year old created and designed this game (with a little help from daddy). All the Minecraft references in it are my son's ideas. He's very proud of his creation!
How we played our game
  • You roll a die and move forwards that many spaces.
  • If you land on a chest you get a chest card (a good one - ie. You've found diamond armour, move forward 2 spaces).
  • If you land on a lava square or a zombie you get a lava card (a bad one - ie. You've been killed by a zombie, move back to the last spawn point.
  • Spawn points are where the beds are drawn). If you land on the golden apple you get to roll again.
  • If you land at the top of the waterfall you can slide down it and cut the corner.
  • If you land on the Nether Portal you have to roll a 6 before you can move again
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