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One word story

An improvised story game

by The smith Family
2+ players

Aim of the game

Tell a coherent story for as long as you can before descending into ridiculousness.
Perfect for family video calls!

There's a story in all of us. Take it in turns and see what comes out. One - word - at - a - time.

Think of it as story tennis. Let's bounce.

how to play

One person begins
They say the first word they can think of that feels like the start of a story. For instance 'Once'.
A second person continues
Another person quickly continues the story by adding a single word to the sentence, for instance 'upon'.
Players take it in turns
Continue the story in this manner, for example: 'Once- there-was-an-enormous-doughnut-called-Barbara' etc. until it gets too ridiculous to continue.
Start another story!
Sometimes it gets ridiculous too quickly, so just start another one!
Share your stories
Share stories, photos and videos in the Family Games Challenge Facebook Group. The best ones get added to this page!

Some tips

  • Don't think, just speak.
  • Let it flow, naturally.
  • Don't try and guess what's coming - its usually wrong.
  • Try it over your next family video call.
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