Silly Walking active invention game by Bored Games

Silly walking

An active invention game

1+ players

Aim of the game

Invent the silliest walk and make everyone laugh

How do you feel when you walk? How about if you wave your arms around like a bird or wiggle your bottom like a duck? Does it look funny?

If you could invent a new kind of walk to make everyone laugh, how would it look and feel?

how to play

Just start
Start moving your body. Try lifting your legs high, waggling your feet, jumping, walking backwards. How do the movements feel? More tips to get started
Take it in turns
See if you can get other people involved. Can they invent a sillier walk than you?

Who invented the silliest walk?
Who's walk made everyone laugh the most?

Share your silly videos
Share your photos and videos in the Family Games Challenge Facebook Group. The funniest ones get added to this page!

Some tips

  • Try using a word for inspiration like 'Wobbly' or 'jerky'. You could try looking in some magazines for funny words first.
  • Think of an animal and try walking like that e.g Chicken, Crab, Snake!
  • What if you had springs in your feet? How might you walk?
  • What if you were stuck in mud? How do your heavy sticky feet feel?
  • How might you walk if you walked on glass or fire! Ooh ouch!
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