Spectacular spectacles invent glasses that allow you to see anything by Bored Games

Spectacular Spectacles

An invent and draw activity

1+ players
Pen and paper
Aim of the activity

If you could invent a pair of glasses that could allow you to see anything in the world, what would you see?

Look at the world around you. What can you see?
Imagine if you could see anything you wanted to, what would you see?

Would you see Dinosaurs roaming the lands? Or see through walls and into people's houses? Might you want to see if people were happy or sad or even see through their clothes! What would you like to see more than anything in the world?

how to play

Put on your imaginary glasses
What do you see? Draw what you can see through your amazing new invention.
Draw your glasses
Draw your spectacular spectacles. Think about the shape and colour. Does the design of the glasses reflect what you can see?
Share your drawings
Share your photos in the Family Games Challenge Facebook Group. The most spectacular ones get added to this page!

Some tips

  • Try thinking about the things you really love
  • What colour are your glasses?
  • How might they look and feel? Are they soft or spiky?
  • Do they have any special attachments?
  • Are they made from any special material?
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