Whats in my smelly sock game with yellow cartoon hand holding a stripy red and blue sock illustration

What's in my smelly sock?

A guessing game with socks and objects

by The Powell Family
2+ players
Pen and paper
Household objects

Aim of the game

Guess the most objects correctly without passing out from the smell

We've all got socks. Some are clean and some are smelly. Some are striped and some are spotty. But I bet you've never played with them!

game preparation

The sock Master cartoon yellow head with red and blue striped sock around the head
Step 1

Decide the sockmaster

Decide one person to prepare the game. They MUST wear a sock on their head. Usually best for this to be an older child or an adult.

Cartoon illustration of yellow hand holding 3 socks of red and blue stripes, red pattern and white with yellow spots
Step 2

Collect the socks

Everyone can help with this bit. Find an assortment of 3-7 socks. Make sure each one is different so you can tell them apart.

Cartoon illustration of objects collected lego brick tape toy car pencil coin hair clip and red dice
Step 3

Collect the objects

Find 3 small objects per sock.
For example:
  • Lego figure
  • Crayon
  • Monopoly object
  • Eraser
  • Coin
  • Dice

 Collect the socks cartoon of 3 socks bulky and full of objects socks are red and blue stripes, red pattern and white with yellow spots
Step 4

Prepare the socks

Put 3 of your objects in each of the socks, then tie each sock so the objects don't fall out. You could either knot the end or find an elastic band or hair band. It helps to number the socks or give each one a name so you know which is which.

    how to play

    Pass the socks round
    Let each person or team feel each sock for about a minute (or less if you're feeling mean!)
    Write down the guesses
    Number a sheet of paper (or use the names of the socks) and write down your guesses for each one.
    Empty the socks
    One at a time and tell everyone what the objects are. If you wanted to make this educational, maybe each object has a story of invention?
    Who's the winner?
    The person or team with the most correct guesses!
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