Zip Zap Boing quick thinking role-play physical game

Zip Zap Boing

A quick thinking physical game
Group game
Aim of the game
Who can stay alive the longest
A quick thinking game of words and actions. Can be played 2 metres apart, so perfect for social distancing.
the rules
Zip cartoon hands holding an invisible bar moving from left to right
move 1

Zip - Move an imaginary bar

Move your arms as if you're passing an imaginary bar to someone to your left or right.
Zap - cartoon fingers like a gun
move 2

Zap - Fire across the group

Fingers together like a gun, fire the imaginary bar at someone across the circle.
You can't ZAP a ZAP.
Boing! cartoon body bouncing the word boing to reverse the direction
move 3

Boing - Reverse the direction

Bounce the imaginary bar back to someone.
You can only BOING a ZIP and not a ZAP.
how to play
Stand in a circle
You'll need at least 5 people to play this game. The more the merrier.
Start with a ZIP
Someone start with a ZIP and pass the imaginary bar to the left or right of them.

Pass the bar
Continue in the same direction, ZAP across the circle or BOING it back!

Keep going
See how fast you can go! If someone messes up the word, action or breaks the rules, they're out!

If someone messes up the word, action or breaks the rules, they're out!

Share your silly videos
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Some tips
  • Instead of eliminating someone straight away, you could have 3 lives
  • If you want to be mean, try changing the rules/switching the words and actions in a second round to trip people up.
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